Feeling dehydrated?  Can’t quench your thirst?  Body feeling rundown and achy?

Feeling dehydrated? Can’t quench your thirst? Body feeling rundown and achy?

75% of people suffer from dehydration and the side effects associated with it every day.

EZ IV “Pick It Up” Hydration Infusion combines 90 Isotonic Minerals and trace elements to maintain optimum health providing the “stimulus” and the “spark” that provide smooth and balanced personas. This can almost instantly correct feelings of fatigue, nausea, headaches and other symptoms of dehydration. Every cell in the human body relies on water for optimal function, so the good news is, you’re only 30 minutes away from complete rehydration at EZ IV in San Angelo, TX.

Dehydration can contribute to a wide variety of symptoms including dry mouth and lips, fatigue, nausea, headaches, skin problems, general malaise, and even dizziness when you stand up.

Our body’s brain and organs function at a higher rate when hydrated. EZ IV “Pick It Up” Hydration Infusion instantly replaces electrolytes, hydrates the body, and improves over all function and well-being.

In about half an hour, EZ IV Pick It Up Infusion provides “saline”—the same balanced, electrolyte fluid used in operating rooms to rapidly expand blood volume and perfusion. This immediate improvement in circulation increases the delivery of oxygen, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to your organs and tissues.

Our comfortable and relaxing hydration room is equipped to handle individual treatments or Parties of 4-6 with reservation.

Whether you are hungover from alcohol indulgence, training for a marathon, or getting over the flu EZ IV has your hydration solution.